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    VC Welcome

    Welcome to Karl Kümm University

    It is my utmost pleasure to welcome all and sundry to the University’s website where critical information about the University can be accessed. Everything you need to know about the University can be found on the website.

    I encourage the public to visit the website as frequently as possible to be adequately informed about the affairs of the University. If in need of information about any aspect of the operations of the University that has not been captured here, you are free to call to obtain same. We at KKU operate flexible policy when it has to do with information about us. I believe that this flexible policy will help in building a robust, mutually beneficial and progressive relationship with the public. You are warmly welcome to the website of Karl Kumm University Vom and Gindiri campuses.   

    Professor Audu Nanven Gambo,

    Vice-Chancellor, Karl Kumm